Introducing Pronounce Mandarin – The Easy Way

What are the basics you need to communicate with Chinese people?

When communicating with  Chinese it is crucial that non-Chinese speakers can at least pronounce their Chinese contact’s names correctly.  Also being able to say a few useful Mandarin words and phrases will impress your Chinese contacts and in turn give you confidence. Making a good impression will give you that competitive edge you need.

I have been helping businesses understand how to conduct business with China for almost three decades. I am competent in Mandarin and have done many years of research into the reason why non-Mandarin speakers find Mandarin difficult to pronounce. The answer is simple. There are many Mandarin sounds such as ‘Xu’, ‘Zhu’ and ‘Huang’ that do not exist in English. These Mandarin sounds are called Pinyin. Pinyin was introduced into China during the 1950’s.

What is Pinyin?

Pinyin is the Romanisation of Chinese characters based on their pronunciation. In Mandarin, the phrase ‘Pin Yin’ literally translates into ‘spell sound.’ In other words spelling out Chinese phrases with letters from the English alphabet. If you know how to read Pinyin you can read street signs, business cards and many other words. Examples of words in written in Pinyin are:

  • Cities in China such as – Shanghai, Kunming and Guangzhou,
  • Chinese names such as Cao, Xiao and Zhang.

You will see many Mandarin words written in Pinyin so reading Pinyin is a very useful skill to have.

Pronounce Mandarin – The Easy Way

About 20 years ago it became apparent to me that there was a need for a system to help non-Mandarin speakers pronounce these unfamiliar Pinyin sounds correctly.  So I designed Pronounce Mandarin -The Easy Way.  During the last two decades, through countless workshops and presentations I have taught thousands of learners how to Pronounce Mandarin – The Easy Way . Recently the technology for online learning has become very accessible and easy to use. So the great news is Pronounce Mandarin – The Easy Way is now available online.

I am really excited about this new online course as this has the potential to help millions of people pronounce Pinyin correctly. After completing Pronounce Mandarin -The Easy Way you will not humiliate yourself or embarrass your Chinese friends by mispronouncing their names.

How does Pronounce Mandarin -The Easy Way’ work?

The Online Course is arranged in 64 Pinyin sounds. These sounds relate directly to individual letters and groups of letters from the Roman alphabet.  The only criteria to do  Pronounce Mandarin -The Easy Way’ is to read English. The Pinyin sounds in Pronounce Mandarin -The Easy Way are organised in alphabetical order, which is what makes the Pronounce Mandarin -The Easy Way is so easy for English speakers.



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