Christmas in China

Over the last two decades Christmas has been steadily gaining popularity in China. In the larger cities, Christmas has been a big commercial success and a newly adopted festive tradition. Even though it has become popular, most people in China do not celebrate Christmas the same as people in the West celebrate this festival. This is especially true in rural and minority areas where you see very little Western and Christian influence. Christmas is not a public holiday in Mainland China.

The commercial Christmas has become a major annual event in the larger cities in China. On the streets and in the department stores, there are Christmas trees, lights, and decorations. You will hear Christmas music playing from the end of November,and experience the crowds shopping for Christmas season promotions.

Most Chinese people who celebrate Christmas in China do so as a happy occasion for catching up with friends and family.  There is a festive atmosphere, and people enjoy the decorations and music. Many younger Chinese people see it as a romantic holiday for couples to exchange gifts and and ask each other out on a date.


How Christmas is celebrated in China’s larger cities


Christmas in Beijing is celebrated by many of Beijing’s younger generation. Usually it is celebrated as a happy occasion for socialising and giving presents. However, most people work on Christmas day unless it happens to fall on a weekend. Christmas in Beijing is mainly commercial.



Shanghai is a centre for world trade. In this international city, smart shopkeepers grab any opportunity to sell their products. Most shops in the downtown area decorate their shops to attract visitors in the holiday period. Christmas carols are heard everywhere around the city.



Christmas is very popular in Guangzhou, especially among young people. Generally people in Guangzhou enjoy having Christmas parties, going shopping, and organising Christmas dinners.

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